About Me

I’m born and raised in Vancouver, BC and could not be more proud of where I’m from. I’m constantly inspired by all the Pacific Northwest has to offer and this is reflected in my work. 

I have experienced many different facets of the carpentry including cabinet & furniture making, residential finishing, restoration work, commercial construction, new builds and renovations. However my true passion is being able to give my clients what they’re envisioning. Solving their problems in a functional yet elegant way. 

I take the utmost pride in my work and stay up to date with the latest trends in carpentry to ensure that my clients are receiving the highest quality service and end product. 


- Luke Cunningham

About Hapa

My passion

I’m always striving to stay on top of new design trends and carpentry techniques to ensure that my clients are getting the very best service. 

I ensure to use only the best materials available and make sure to keep my clients in the loop so they know exactly what they’re getting and what the finished product will look like.